Fix Revoke with DNSCloak

Fix Revoke with DNSCloak

  1. Disable “ffapple” proxy if enabled.
  2. Download DNSCloak from the AppStore.
  3. Download this bypass text file.
  4. Open DNSCloak, click on the triple lines bar ” ≡ “ in the left-top corner. screenshot of going to DNSCloak settings
  5. Enable “Connect on Demands”.screenshot of enabling "Connect on demands" DNSCloak
  6. From the same page, click on “Blacklists & Whitelist“, and enable “Enable Blacklist“.sceenshot of choosing a blacklist in DNSCloak
  7. Click on “Pick Blacklist file” and select the bypass text file that you have downloaded.
  8. Return to the app’s main screen, search for “Cloudflare” server, and click on “Use this server“.screenshot of Connect to Cloudflare server
  9. DNSCloak will ask you to approve adding VPN configuration, approve it.
  10. Go to Settings >> VPN >> check “DNSCloak“, and connect to it.activate DNSCloak VPN
  11. Now you have everything set up, you can install apps!

Some certificate requires to configure DNSCloak before installing apps. otherwise, apps won’t install.

Sometimes, depending on the certificate type, this method will keep apps working for a long time after the certificate is revoked.

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