Get Instagram++ on your iPhone/iPad for iOS 14 in 2021

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get Instagram++ on your iPhone/iPad in 2021. These three methods work with any iOS version.

Install Instagram++ using the Jailbreak:

Some people jailbreak their devices to install social media tweaks to allow downloading stories, pictures, videos, and other media. And some tweaks go beyond that, like Rocket for Instagram, this tweak adds a lot of powerful features to the official Instagram app.

Rocket for Instagram screenshot

Rocket for Instagram Features:

  • Save all media including videos, stories, HD pictures directly to the camera roll.
  • Save stories’ videos in different qualities and formats to the camera roll.
  • New re-post button for public accounts posts.
  • Display users’ profiles pictures in a high-quality format.
  • Hide all ads between stories.
  • Add a new “follows you” badge when viewing users’ profiles.
  • View stories anonymously.
  • Display time-line in a different layout.
  • And a lot of new features you can explore from the tweak settings.

Install Rocket for Instagram

To install it using jailbreak, first, you’ll need to add the tweak repo and then install the tweak. The tweak

First Step: Add the tweak repository:

  • Open Cydia/Sielo, and wait until it loads up.
  • Go to the sources section by clicking on “Sources”, then click on “Edit >> Add” and paste the source URL.
  • Wait until it finishes adding the source, and then click on “Return to Cydia/Sileo”.
  • Refresh the sources list, and you should find the newly added source.
Steps for adding new sources to silo
Add new sources to the silo

Second Step: Install the tweak

  • After adding the source, go to the “Search” section and search for “Rocket for Instagram”.
  • Select the tweak, and then click on “Install >> Confirm”.
  • Wait until it finishes installing, and then click on “Restart Springboard”
  • Once the iPhone restarts, you will have the tweak installed.

Note that you should have the official Instagram app installed before installing the tweak.

Steps to install jailbreak tweaks using sileo
Install Tweak using Sileo

Install Instagram++ without using the Jailbreak:

  • Go to TopIPAs main page.
  • From the “Categories” section, select “Social Media”, and then “Rocket for Instagram”.
  • Click on “Install”, then “Install”.
  • After the app installs successfully, you’ll need to trust its certificate by going to “Settings>> General>> Profiles and Device management”, select the app profile, and trust it.

Note: you’ll need to delete the official Instagram app before installing the tweaked one.


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